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Your Health

Meal planning, wellness seminars and certified coaching are designed to promote health and wellness. Living healthy is not just working out, or restricting calories. Living healthy is the combination of several factors. At Club NewTone, we strive to help you “connect the dots” in order to live a balanced and healthy life!

CN Market & Juice Bar

The CN Market & Juice Bar features gourmet grab and go foods, fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, small batch wines, and local produce so you have access to your own mini farmer's market everyday!

Eat Healthy Lafayette

Club NewTone has evaluated the menu offerings at many local restaurants and is happy to provide you with the healthiest options. This information can be found at the restaurant itself or at

Nutrition Counseling

At Club NewTone, we understand that nutrition can account for 80% of your fitness journey. The CN Nutrition Team believes in the importance of nutrition counseling and guidance as a supplement to your hard work on the fitness floor. Ranging from a three-part initial consultation and analysis to weekly balanced food journal reviews, Club NewTone can help by providing accountability for decisions made both inside and outside of the Club.

Nutrition Counseling offers an individual action plan for all nutrition and fitness goals:

• Athletic Performance & Nutrition

• Weight Loss

• Metabolism Boost / Increased Energy

• Special Dietary Issues, including irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, diabetes and hypoglycemia, high cholesterol, or other concerns

Initial Nutrition Consultation ............ $99

Composed of three individual sessions, this complete consultation is designed to help you build confidence in your nutritional choices while under direct guidance by the CN Nutrition Team. The first step will review your overall health in order to establish food guidelines and recommendations based on current intake and activity level, as well as basal metabolic rate. Follow ups will be completed at 7 days and 30 days to analyze balanced food journals and give continued recommendations.

Monthly Accountability (member) ........ $49

Monthly Accountability (nonmember) .... $69

Designed for those who need a little extra assistance following the Initial Nutrition Consultation, this is a weekly visit option with the CN Nutrition Team. These sessions include confidential weigh-ins, nutrition education, behavior modification and food exchange options.

For more information or to schedule your nutrition appointment, contact