Announcements at the Club

Premier Programs

All Premier Programs are brought to you by Club NewTone’s Certified Personal Trainers. Each one of these highly remarkable programs is designed to give you a tremendous exercise routine, all at a group size that promises individualized attention. With affordable prices, and the ability to interchange between every Premier Program offered, you’ll never run out of new and exciting exercises. For more information, or to register for a premier program, visit the Member Service Desk, or contact Lucas Woody, Director of Fitness, at or 765.447.2400


Blasting all major muscle groups, clients are pushed out of their comfort zone and leave with lean, toned muscle. Using barbells, plates and the bench, 30 minutes of work and it’s all over, but your metabolism stays in overdrive for hours afterwards. It’s the guaranteed fat burn you want, and small class sizes ensure the attention you deserve.


Large Group Training is designed for you by Club NewTone’s Certified Personal Trainers. With ample class times (each varying in the specific exercises chosen by the trainer) and endless exercises, you’ll always do something new, getting rid of dreaded ruts and routines. The trainers bring their expertise alive for an ever-changing 50 minute class, so say goodbye to plateaus forever.


TRX is an innovative total-body fitness program that uses gravity against your own body weight to create a tremendous cardio, strength, balance, core, and flexibility workout. With the TRX Suspension trainer attached to the ceiling, and your hands on the handles or feet in the foot cradles, use your body at different angles to work your way through a great 45 minute exercise designed to give you the workout of your life.