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Personal Training

Personal Training

All personal trainers at Club NewTone are nationally certified and extremely knowledgeable in their field. Club NewTone will help you choose the best trainer that will design personalized workouts to fit your individual needs and help you reach your goals. Our diverse team offers a wide array of experience and professionalism to enhance your skills, confidence and knowledge within the Club. Whether it be one on one personal training, buddy training with a friend or spouse, group training, or a Club-wide program, our staff of certified trainers will help you reach your goals in the safest, most effective way possible.

Individual Personal Training

Intended for:All Persons Ages 8+
Session Duration: 50 Minutes

Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers will work with you one-on-one to help you reach your fitness goals, from weight loss and toning, rehabilitation and reconditioning, to muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Along with your 50 minute sessions, our Personal Trainers will coach you on supplemental activities to do outside of the sessions, as well as education on the ways of proper nutrition and healthy eating habits. Individual Personal Training is a great way to get yourself over that plateau of “no results”, or to push yourself to reach your goals more quickly.

Athletic Training

Intended for : Athletes Ages 8-50
Session Duration: 50 Minutes

Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers will work one-on-one with the athlete to focus on Sports-Specific Performance Enhancement. Each client will be led through an age- specific routine, including (depending on fitness goals): plyometric jump training, strength conditioning, speed and agility drills, TRX suspension training, and much more. All training sessions will be designed to give the athlete a leading edge against the competition.
Sports Training Offered at Club NewTone:

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Baseball

  • Soccer

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Wrestling

  • Swimming

  • More Available Upon Request

Buddy/Small Group Training

Intended for:
  • 2 Persons Ages 18+(Buddy)

  • 3-7 Persons Ages 18+(Small Group)

Session Duration: 50 Minutes

Buddy (2 persons) and Small Group (3-7 persons) personal training sessions are designed to lead 2 or more people through a workout routine designed to target fitness goals that are similar throughout the group. While not as specific to each person’s individual needs, Buddy and Small Group Training is a less expensive way for multiple people to lose weight, strengthen muscles, and get in shape, all with the accountability and motivation of a partner or friend. These sessions will also incorporate generalized nutrition guidelines tailored to the group. If you know someone else (or a group) looking to get into shape like you, use Group Training as a way to help each other to your goals!